Reviews for the November 2017 San Francisco production at Z Space:

San Francisco Chronicle:

Rapturous, triumphant spirit….an exercise in sharing as much delight as possible

SF Weekly:

A rapturous song of the self.

Reviews for the June 2017 World Premiere Production at VS. Theatre in Los Angeles

LA Times:

Moving and ultimately inspiring. What distinguishes the piece amid a crowded field of autobiographical solo works is its unwavering commitment to sharing history as it’s felt rather than analyzed. Under Becca Wolff’s finely tuned direction, Adams’ delivery maintains precise and at times musical cadences (with acoustic guitar accompaniment from Arturo Lopez) as he glides seamlessly from vivid regional dialect to eloquently crafted prose.

LA Weekly

There are so many fine elements in Giovanni Adams’ autobiographical solo show, Love Is a Dirty Word, that it’s hard to decide which to mention first: the cadenced flow of his beautifully detailed, 80-minute spoken-word poem, the open and disarming manner of his delivery, or the production’s flawless pacing under Becca Wolff’s accomplished direction.
— LA Weekly, Deborah Klugman

Stage Raw, LA

Writer-composer-performer Giovanni Adams sweetly emancipates dirt in a refreshing memoir, Love Is a Dirty Word, beautifully directed by Becca Wolff
— Stage Raw, Gray Palmer

For LGBT audiences, the accuracy of moments lived by the actor gives us a sense of what it was really like being young and gay in the South.
— GLAAD Theatre, Jim Talbott