Created, Written and Performed by Giovanni Adams | Directed and Developed by Becca Wolff

Gio is a Black, Queer Believer born in Jackson, Mississippi. He leaves his “Sissy" self behind to make a life in a White World. Will the Blood wash him clean? Or were the answers in the Dirt all along? 

LOVE IS A DIRTY WORD is a one-man musical about the price of belonging in America.

The Hope of America is a place where we can all get along. But we’re not there yet. Things - at the moment - are pretty fucked up. As we rightfully rage against the machine, can we look inward too? Is it possible to live in the world as it is, even as we work to make it better? How does a black man make a home inside himself for the little boy convinced by the world he’s too dirty to love?

Giovanni Adams and Becca Wolff have been developing this one-man musical since 2015. Its critically-acclaimed world premiere ran at VS. Theatre, Los Angeles in June/July of 2017, co-produced by Wolff's company Tilted Field Productions. Award nominations for the show include Los Angeles Critics Circle (Best Solo Performance) and the LA Stage Alliance Ovations for Playwriting. The show's subsequent production at Z Space in San Francisco drew audiences that touched all strata of the stratified city - from tech millionaires to homeless veterans. San Francisco Chronicle and SF Weekly both hailed the production as "triumphant."

LOVE IS A DIRTY WORD is currently seeking partners for future production and presentation opportunities.

Running time, approx. 80 min. 


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